Thalatta Technique

The Thalatta technique was developed by Bengt Edenfalk while at Skruf. It is much less known than the Ariel technique on which is it based.

In contrast to the Ariel technique developed by Orrefors, the encased piece of glass is not allowed to cool down prior to applying the motive, but the motive is applied immediately while the glass is still hot. Air bubbles are then trapped in the motive in a way that can be much less controlled than with the Ariel technique, giving Thalatta pieces a very lively aspect. As you can see on the pictures, it is much harder for the artist to make sure that the air bubbles completely fill the motive, which sometimes gives the same motive completely different aspects. 

Bengt Edenfalk was the only person to work in the Thalatta technique while at Skruf. Generally, all pieces are signed with: Edenfalk, Thalatta, Skruf. Rarely is a year engraved on the piece.

Most collectors are not aware of this technique, but due to their relative rarity, Thalatta pieces are quite collectable.