Maleras Mats Jonasson

Maleras Glassworks

Maleras glassworks was founded in 1890 and produced window glass. Folke Walwing, who started as a glass engraver at Maleras in 1924, became its director and led the company until 1970. Under his tenure the company also produced everyday glassware and art glass. In the 1930s, the company became a major supplier to the Swedish Cooperative Association. Mats Jonasson worked for Maleras from 1959 until 1969, when he went to work for Kosta. He returned to Maleras in 1975. He was made art director in 1981, the same year that the employees and a lot of the villagers in which the glassworks is based, bought the company from the Kosta. In 1988, Orrefors tried to purchase the company, and Jonasson then bought enough shares to fight of the hostile takeover. Since then, he is completely in charge at the company, being responsible for both the artistic and commercial side. Ingeborg Lundin also worked at Maleras from 1989 until 1991, after she left Orrefors. All art glass is marketed under the name Mats Jonasson Maleras. The company also produces glass jewellery. Designers who worked at the Maleras and Mats Jonasson Maleras glassworks include: Hannelore Deutler, Lisa Larsson, Marianne Westman, Erika Hoglund, Klas-Goran Tinbeck and Robert Ljubez.