Litograal (also sometimes spelled lito-graal or lithograal)

The Litograal technique was developed by Per B. Sundberg during his time at Orrefors. It is a variation on the Graal Technique. With the Litograal technique a motive is applied through sandblasting a layer of ceramic enamel. This is then encased in clear glass again which gives a lithographic effect. Hence the name Litograal (“lito” is swedish for “litho”). Sundberg was the only person to work with the litograal technique at Orrefors.

Some of his creations are almost pop-art like in character, when he used comics-like drawings with text bubbles to decorate his vases or bowls. He also made a series of sexually explicit vases in the litograal technique. This technique is unknown to most collectors outside of Sweden, but it enjoys an increasing interest by collectors.

Sundberg left Orrefors in 2005 when the company was purchased by the New Wave Group.