Lindshammar glassworks

Lindshammar was founded in 1905 by Robert Rentsch, a German glassblower who had worked at Pukeberg and Kosta. Anton Petersson bought the glassworks in 1916 and modernized it. He was succeeded in 1949 by his son Eric Hovhammar, who completely rebuild the factory. Production of blown glass declined in the 1970s and the focus lied on molded and centrifuge glass. Lindshammar glassworks operated until it went bankrupt in 1981, and was sold in 1984 to Ulf Rosen. Rosen revived the tradition of blown glass at Lindshammer, mainly for the production of art glass. CG Holding, the Norwegian company who also owns Hadeland glassworks in Norway, bought Lindshammar in 1998. Since 2001, part of Lindshammars glass is marketed under the brand name Steninge Slott. In its early years, Lindshammar produced mainly cut glass tableware and colored ornamental glass. In the second World War, they also produced preserving jars and bottles. Art glass production only started in 1949 with the arrival of Gunnar Ander. Some of the designers that worked at Lindshammar were Christer Sjogren, Tom Moller, Gosta Sigvard, Sigvard Bernadotte, Catharina Aselius-Lidbeck, Matz Borgstrom, Erik Hoglund (freelance from 1978-1981), Lillemor Bokstrom. Bosse Falk, Maud Gjeruldsen Bugge, Lena  Hannson, Lars Sestervik and Sofia Wiberg.