Johansfors Glassworks

Johansfors was founded in 1891 by, amongst others F.O. Israelsson. From 1904 until 1911, it was part of AB De Svenska Kristallglasbruken or Kristallbolaget (Association of Swedish Crystal Manufacturers). Israelsson was in charge at Johansfors until 1950, when Sixten Wennerstrand took over. He modernized the glassworks and it was sold to the Afors group in 1972. The Afors group later became OrreforsKostaBoda in 1990, and in 1992 the Johansfors glassworks was bought by a group of former employees. The company still exists today and is a part of the Norwegian glass company Magnor. In its early years, the company mainly produced pressed glassware and painted decorative glass. From the 1920s onward, it produced high quality cut and engraved glass, which received special awards at the 1929 Barcelona World Exhibition. Amongst the designers employed by Johansfors were Gunnar Hakansson, Gustaff Hallberg, Bengt Orup Margareta Hennix, Rik Hennix and Ingegerd Raman. Almost all of the glass produced at Johansfors was signed.