Glass Designers

Gustav Abels

1915-1959 Artist at Orrefors

Olle Alberius

1971-1973 Artist at Orrefors

Knut Bergkvist

1914-1928 Artist at Orrefors

Lena Bergström

1994-???? Artist at Orrefors

Wiktor Bernt

1975-1979 Artist at Orrefors

Hagbard Elias (Elis) Bergh (1881-1954)

1897-1899 Technical University Stockholm

1899-1902 Stockholm School for Industrial Art and Design

1903-1904 Works with Architect Agi Lindegren

1905 Trainee with Oskar Dedreux in Munich, Germany

1906-1916 Artist at Böhlmark lampfactory and first glass designs in the style of Emile Gallé for Pukeberg

1921 works for Hallberg goldsmiths

1929-1950 Artistic Director at Kosta.

Axel Enoch Boman (1875-1949)

1895 starts at Kosta, mainly works on etched designs by Gunnar Wennerberg

1900 Is rewarded the Brone Medal at the Paris World Fair for his glass in Cameo technique since 1903 he worked from time to time for Reijmyre glassworks

1906-1909 works for Norrala glassworks in Hälsingerland

1911 works for Hadeland glassworks in Norway

1913-1920 own studio in Nörrköping

ca. 1915-1916 first encased glass designs for Orrefors

from 1922 works for Holmegaard glassworks in Denmark

1924-1939 own studio focusing mainly on engraved glass

Sten Branzell (1893-1959)

1916-1919 Technical University Stockholm

1919-1923 Stockholm School of Art

1923 works for the jubilee exposition in Göteborg (Gothenburg)

1922-1923, 1929-1930 and 1950 Artistic Director of AB De Svenska Kristallbruken, which consisted of Kosta, Eda, Reijmyre, Alsterbro and Alsterfors.

1920-1941 Townplanner in Göteborg

1944-1959 Master townplanner in Göteborg

Arne Branzell

1980-1982 Artist at Orrefors

Monica Elisabeth Bratt-Wijkander (1913-1958)

1932-1933 Study at Skölds School of Art

1933-1939 Stockholm School of Art

1938-1958 Artistic Director of Reijmyre glassworks

Kjell Blomberg (1931-1986)

1955-1975 Artist at Gullaskruf

1975-1977 Artist at Kronabruken

Gabriel Henric Burmeister (1886-1846)

1923 Artist at Boda

Fritz Blomqvist

1915-1917 Artist at Orrefors

Matz Borgström

1984-1990 Artist at Orrefors

Gunnar Cyrén (born 1931)

1959-1970 Artist at Orrefors

from 1979 Artist at Orrefors

Oskar Dahl

1939-1940 Artist at Kosta

Ewald Albin Filip Dahlskog (1894-1950)

1908-1912 Technical University Stockholm

1913-1918 Stockholm School of Art

One of the leading members of the artist group Optimisterna (The Optimists). He worked on various projects for interior design, including the Stockholm Townhall, Stockholm and Göteborg Concert Halls, the Stockholm Tändstickspalatset (main office of Swedish Match) and various other projects.

1926-1929 artist at Kosta

Bengt Edenfalk (born 1924)

1947-1952 Stockholm School of Art

1953-1978 artistic director at Skruf glassworks

1956 design assignment for the Stockholm subway

1960 design assignment for the hospital in Växjö

1971 design assignment for the medical school in Växjö

1978 artist at Kosta Boda

Sven Leonhard Erixson (x-et) (1899-1970)

1913-1919 Technical University Stockholm

1919 Stockholm School for Industrial Art and Design

1922-1923 Stockholm School of Art

1923, 1929-1931 artist at Kosta

1943 Professor at Stockholm School of Art

Owe Elven

1975-1978 Artist at Orrefors

Eva Englund (1937-1998)

1974-1990 Artist at Orrefors

Styrbjörn Engström

1970 Artist at Orrefors

Carl Fagerlund

1946-1980 Artist at Orrefors

Bo Fjaestad

1950 Artist at Eda glassworks

Flory Gate

1930 Artist at Orrefors

Carl Oskar Simon Gate (1883-1945)

1902-1905 Technical University Stockholm

1905-1909 Stockholm School of Art

1916-1945 Artistic Director at Orrefors

John Erik Hugo Gehlin (1889-1953)

1930-1953 Artistic Director at Gullaskruf glassworks

Ernest Gordon

1952-1953 Artist at Kosta

Niels Tove Edward Hald (1883-1980)

Studies in Architecture and Painting in Germany, Sweden and France. Hald also studied under Matisse in Paris.

1917 artist at Rörstrand and Orrefors

1924-1933 Artistic Director at Rörstrand

1933-1944 Managing Director at Orrefors

from 1947 until mid 1970s artist at Orrefors

Lars Hellsten

From 1972 Artist at Orrefors

Erik Sylvester Höglund (born 1932)

1948-1954 Stockholm School of Art

1951-1953 Graphic Design at H. Sallberg

1953-1973 Artistic Director at Boda

1978-1981 works sporadically for Pukeberg glassworks and Lindshammar glassworks

Gustaf Adolf Karl Mauritz Hulström (1884-1973)

1906-1910 Stockholm School of Art

1919-1924 Artist at Kosta

Eva Henrietta Jancke-Björk (1882 – ????)

1915-1917 Artist at Orrefors

Berit Johannson

1979-1983 Artist at Orrefors

Jan Johannson

From 1969 Artist at Orrefors

Vivianne Karlsson

1989-1993 Artist at Orrefors

Fritz Kallenberg

1925-1968 Boda

Arnold Karlström

1923 Kosta

Paul Kedelv  (1917-1990)

1931 Orrefors School for Engraving

1949-1956 Artist at Flygfors

1956-1977 Artist at Reijmyre

Also designed glass for the Nybro and Fåglaviks glassworks

Henning Koppel

1971-1981 Artist at Orrefors

Anette Krahner

1980-1981 Artist at Orrefors

Helén Krantz

From 1988 Artist at Orrefors

Fritz Kurz

1940-1946 Artist at Orrefors

Erika Lagerbielke (born 1960)

From 1982 Artist at Orrefors

Nils Otto Thorsten Landberg (1907-1991)

1924 Art School Göteborg

1925-1927 Orrefors School for Engraving

1924-1934 Engraver at Orrefors

1934-1972 Artist at Orrefors 

Börje Lindau

In the 1970s Artist at Orrefors

Bo Lindekrantz

In the 1970s Artist at Orrefors

Viktor (Vicke) Emanuel Lindstrand (1904-1983)

1924-1927 Art School Göteborg

1928-1940 Designer at Orrefors

1942-1950 Artistic Director at Uppsala-Ekeby

1950-1972 Artistic Director at Kosta

Georg Lindskog

1923 Artist at Kosta

Tyra Carolina Lundgren (1897-1979)

1914-1918 Technical University Stockholm

1918-1922 Stockholm School of Art

1934-1937 Works for Sèvres in Paris

1937-1939 Works for Venini

1924-1937 Various Designs for Arabia, Finland

1929-1930 Artistic Director of Rörstrand-Arabia

in the 1930s Various designs for Riihmäki, Finland

1935-1936 Designs for Kosta

1960 Designs for Reijmyre

Ingeborg Lundin (1921-1992)

1947-1971 Artist at Orrefors (First female designer at Orrefors)

Peter Mandl

In the 1970s Artist at Orrefors

Johnny Mattsson

1954-1958 Artist at Reijmyre

Monica (Mona) Morales-Schildt (1908-1999)

1936-1939 Assistant to William Kåge at Gustafsberg

1945-1958 Works for Nordiska Kompaniet as exhibition organizer

1958-1970 Artist at Kosta

Tom Möller

1959 Artist at Alsterbro

1960-1967 Artist at Reijmyre

1967 Artist at Lindshammar

Anna Nilsson

From 1982 Artist at Orrefors

Rolf Nilsson

1971-1972 Artist at Orrefors

Lennart Nyblom

1919 Artist at Kosta

1926 Artist at Pukeberg

Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997)

1931-1955 Artistic Director at Rörstrand

1955-1967 Artistic Director at Strömbergshyttan (later freelance artist)

1968 Artist at Glimma

Karl Edvin Öhrstrom (1906-1994)

1925-1928 Technical University Stockholm

1928-1932 Stockholm School of Art

1936-1957 Artist at Orrefors

Edvin Ollers (1888-1959)

1906-1910 Stockholm School for Industrial Art and Design

1910-1911 Advisor to Uppsala-Ekeby

1917-1918 and 1931-1932 Artist at Kosta

1918-1919 Artist at Reijmyre

1924 Member of the artist group Optimisterna “The Optimists”

1926-1930 Artist at Elme

1929-1940 Artist at Limmared

1930-1934 Artist at Alsterfors

1934-1940 Artist at Åfors

1940-1947 Artist at Ekenäs

1945 Artist at Flygfors

Sven Ernst Robert Palmqvist (1906-1984)

1927-1930 Orrefors School for Engraving

1932-1934 Technical University Stockholm

1935-1936 Stockholm School of Art

1936-1939 Academie Ranson in Paris

1930-1972 Artist at Orrefors

Carl Arthur Percy (1886-1976)

1905-1906 Art School Stockholm

1908-1909 Study under Matisse in Paris

1923 Artistic Director at Gefle Porcelain Factory, which became part of Uppsala-Ekeby in 1936

1942 Artist at Karlskrona Porcelain Factory

1950-1965 Artist at Gullaskruf glassworks

Sven Persson

1923 Artist at Kosta

Martti Rytkönen

From 1994 Artist at Orrefors

John Arne Ewald Selbing (1908-2001)

1927-1973 Artist at Orrefors, later assistant to Simon Gate and Edvin Öhrström

Sven Erik Skawonius (1908-1981)

1927-1930 Stockholm School of Art

1933-1935 and 1944-1950 Artist at Kosta

1935-1939 Artist at Uppsala-Ekeby and Karslkrona Porcelain Factory

William Stenberg (1885-1961)

1927-1961 Founder and Artist at Gullaskruf

Marianne Stenberg-Andersson

1927-???? Artist at Gullaskruf

Gerda Helga Elisabeth Strömberg (1879-1960)

1927-1933 Artist at Eda glassworks

from 1933 Artist at Strömbergshyttan which was owned by her husband, Edvard Strömberg

Asta Strömberg

1946-1976 Artist and later Managing Director at Strömbergshyttan

Thorsten Stubelius

1923 Artist at Färe glassworks

Per Hilmer Svanström

1923 Artist at Kosta

Per B. Sundberg

From 1994 Artist at Orrefors

Björn Trädgårdh

1937 Artist at Reijmyre

Klas-Göran Tinbäck

1982-1983 Artist at Orrefors

Axel Törneman

1923 Artist at Reijmyre

Heinrich Wollmann

1914-1923 Artist at Orrefors