Flygfors Glassworks

Flygfors glassworks was founded in 1888 by Ernst Viktor Lundqvist and August Zeitz. Until 1920, its main product was window glass. When production ceased, the company was renamed Flygfors Glasbruk AB and focused on producing household glasswares and lighting fixtures. In the 1940s, its main products were glass prisms as well as household and ornamental wares. Flygfors bought the Gadderas glassworks in 1959 and Maleras in 1965. These three glassworks became the Flygfors group. However, Gadderas closed down due to lack of profitability and Maleras was sold to Krona-Bruken AB in 1974, the same year Flygfors became part of Orrefors. Flygfors glassbruk ceased production in 1979.  The most famous designer at Flygfors was Paul Kedelv, who joined in 1949 and stayed there until 1956. Even though his main duty was to design light fixtures, his enduring legacy are his very sculptural art glass designs such as the famous Coquille series. Other designers at Flygfors include Marie Bergqvist, Wiktor Berndt, Hans-Agne Jakobsson, Ulla Nordenfeldt, Sigvard Bernadotte (yes, he was the second son of King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden) and Helena Tynell. Almost all Flygfors items are signed with the company name, designer name and date. Some items are only marked with a small mark which resembles “Sa”.