Fabula Technique 

Per B. Sundberg developed the Fabula technique while at Orrefors. The technique is loosely based on the Graal technique. It basically consists of applying decals of all kinds (from commercially sold comics to flower prints) to a sub-layer of glass, which he then covered with irregular layers of transparent glass. The result is a vase with an almost surreal appearance both in form, shape and motive. Sundberg was the only person to work in the fabula technique while at Orrefors. Unfortunately, he left Orrefors when it was taken over by New Wave Group in 2005.

Due to its relative rarity, most collectors outside of Sweden do not know this technique. The relative small amount of pieces that were produced by Sundberg in this technique are very collectable – and very hard to find. Apart from the fabula technique, Sundberg also developed the Litograal technique while at Orrefors.