Björkshult Glassworks

Björkshult glassworks was founded in 1892 by Carl Petersson, Oscar Johannson, Oscar Carlstrom and Robert Nyrena and was originally called Björklunda. After having had several owners, its name was changed from Björklunda to Björkshult in 1919. In 1934 the company was sold again to three glasblowers who modernized the company. In 1974, it became part of the Krona-Bruken AB (who also owned Gullaskruf, Maleras, Skruf and Aseda), and which went bankrupt in 1977. Björkshult produced household and ornamental glass, as well as cut glass. In the 1930s, it started to produce specially toughened glass that was used in industrial applications such as lights, but also for tableware. In the 1940, the designer Ragnar Johansson started to design glass animals, which were a success. The main designers at Björkshult were: Hans-Christian Wagner (1957-1976), Margareta Schlyter-Stiernstedt (1953-1968) and Carl-Einar Borgstrom in the 1970s.