Alsterfors Glassworks

Alsterfors was originally an iron foundry. It started to produce glass in 1885, when J.A. Gottwald Fogelberg, a manager from the Kosta Glassworks, bought it. Since 1903, after it became part of the AB de Svenska Kristallglasbruken also called Kristallbolaget (Association of Swedish Crystal Manufacturers), it was sold to many different owners until it closed down in 1980. As most glassworks, it produced mainly household wares. In 1958, Alsterfors started to produce a variety of coloured glass designs. In general, Alsterfors glass is unsigned and only had an Alsterfors sticker. The exception are designs by P.O. Strom, who worked there from 1968 until 1972. He normally signed his designs and dated them. Other designers that worked at Alsterfors were: Edvin Ollers (1930-1934), Ingrid Atterberg (1958-1964) and Fabian Lundkvist.